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Terra was a former member of the Teen Titans, whose role as a hero or villain is complicated.Until the episodes Aftershock – Part 1 and Part 2, she was confused and insecure, only wishing to be a heroine and a friend of the Teen Titans.However, she was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to …

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Deathstroke (Slade Joseph Wilson) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.He is a mercenary and assassin who serves as the archenemy of the Teen Titans, specifically Dick Grayson.Over the years, writers have developed him as an adversary of other superheroes in the DC Universe as well, such …

Slade AKA Deathstroke the Terminator is the archenemy of the Teen Titans, especially Robin, and is the main antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2; He appears as a vision in Season 3, returned as a resurrected servant of the mighty demon Trigon in Season 4. His robotic likeness also makes a small

A description of tropes appearing in Teen Titans. Based on the classic DC comic (mostly the 1980s incarnation by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, but with a …

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Voice Actor: Scott Menville; Although he is the only one of the group without any superpowers, by virtue of his heroic experience and reputation, Robin is the highly disciplined leader of the Teen Titans.

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A description of tropes appearing in Teen Titans. The most famous team of teenage Super Heroes in The DCU (but not the first). Often referred to as a ” …

The full-length trailer for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies shows Nic Cage’s Superman in action and also highlights Will Arnett’s Slade Wilson.