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All baboons have long, -like muzzles, heavy, powerful jaws with sharp canine teeth, close-set eyes, thick fur except on their muzzles, short tails, and rough spots on their protruding buttocks, called ischial callosities.These calluses are nerveless, hairless pads of skin that provide for the sitting comfort of the baboon.. All baboon species exhibit …

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Polygynous sexual behaviour is the system in which a single male mates with multiple females, but each female mates with only one male.

Possibly the most popular collection of English slang available online, now listing over 4000 words and phrases

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Sidney discusses the size of his big butt being too big to fit into regular jeans at the 1:00-1:45 mark:

English Vocabulary Word List Alan Beale’s Core Vocabulary – B (1146 Words)

The Nightmare Face trope as used in popular culture. The human face is supremely important on a social and biological level. Most of our non-verbal …

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She be came notorious for her toughlove training style on The Biggest Loser, and after a two year break to bond with her ren, Jillian is back on the popular NBC show

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In Summer 2008, ‘My Blue Nose Friends‘ were released by Carte Blanche – the creators of the Me to You Tatty Teddy. The story given is that Tatty Teddy was lonely and dreamt of a wardrobe full of friends. My Blue Nose Friends is a range of collectable plush characters, each with its own unique number and personality, all of them with patches and each with a little blue …

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